The Local Marketing Podcast

Donald Jirkovsky and Heidi Shook from UHV-CRC Discuss Local Opportunities | TLMP #9

June 10, 2022 ThriveFuel Season 1 Episode 9
The Local Marketing Podcast
Donald Jirkovsky and Heidi Shook from UHV-CRC Discuss Local Opportunities | TLMP #9
Show Notes

On this week’s episode of The Local Marketing Podcast, Jason is joined by not one but two very special guests! We’re excited to welcome Donald Jirkovsky and Heidi Shook to the show! Don and Heidi are from the University of Houston – Victoria’s Center for Regional Collaboration. Don, the Director, and Heidi, the Community Development Specialist, are here to discuss and detail this important program for those out there who may be unfamiliar with it.

Specifically, UHV Center for Regional Collaboration (UHV-CRC), reflects the goal of growing UHV regionally, as well as increasing UHV brand awareness. Don reveals that back in May 2017, UHV received a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration to help make this collaboration possible.

The UHV-CRC concentrates on Victoria and the surrounding areas, with a particular focus on the rural counties. There are a total of 11 counties, 12 including Victoria, in the region. Don and Heidi share the same objective of wanting—hoping, really—to provide a neutral environment where communities and counties can come together and become involved in mutually beneficial regional partnerships.

Simply put, the mission of UHV-CRC is to provide leadership as a regional facilitator and connector.

If the word “networking” immediately comes to mind, you’re not alone. Later, Adam and The Local Marketing Podcast newcomer, Bethany Hernandez, ThriveFuel’s National Account Executive, share the same sentiment.

Fun fact about Adam and Bethany: Before ThriveFuel, the pair actually worked together in the cell phone/retail space. Small world, huh?

But, back to networking, Adam and Bethany reflect on just how necessary it is for everyone, everywhere—especially in overly rural areas—, and in every industry to network in order to stay connected. After all, you never know when that connection will lead to a deeper relationship.

Of course, drinks are had—well, sort of, thanks to Bethany. She does the heavy lifting this week, sipping on Porch Swing by Sweet Rose from H-E-B. Adam, in preparation for a Victoria Generals baseball game, responsibly (yes, you read that correctly) chooses water.

Tune in to learn more about UHV-CR, directly from Don and Heidi, what can be accomplished in our local community, and why accessibility and visibility are vital for growth.

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