The Local Marketing Podcast

Gordon Borrell Stops by The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #3

December 17, 2021 ThriveFuel Season 1 Episode 3
The Local Marketing Podcast
Gordon Borrell Stops by The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #3
Show Notes

On this week’s episode of The Local Marketing Podcast, the team is shaking things up a bit. Keeping you on your toes is important—not to mention, fun! After all, who enjoys the staleness of routine?

This time around, Jason is joined by a very special guest, Mr. Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, and an all-around superhero in the advertising industry. Gordon has been a big name in media for the last few decades. So, if his name is new to you, we want to know where you’ve been!

During this exciting and in-depth interview, Gordon shares his observations and predictions for the industry, as well as how and where he got his start. Fun fact: It all began at a boy scout camp in Canada! Thanks to his mom, who red-lined all the grammatical errors in his letter home, Gordon gained the notion that he could actually write. Later, he became an editor and writer for his college newspaper, followed by a reporter and editor for a metro daily newspaper, and then he moved to the corporate side of the business in 1988, eventually becoming vice president for a billion-dollar corporation at the age of 30. (No, we weren’t lying when we said he’s a very special guest.)

Two terms that are often used in sync with Gordon’s name are “disruptive innovation” and “disruptive technology.” In fact, Jason reveals that the first time he ever heard these terms applied to media and newspaper was from Gordon.

What do these terms mean? How was Gordon able to predict future trends in media? And just how old was Gordon when he sent home that infamous letter from summer camp? Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out!

Additionally, Gordon shares his take on the Metaverse, which initially caught Shannon Ellisor by surprise. Yes, Jason later chats with both Shannon and Amanda Bowlby (Adam Mahan is absent this week but sends his regards to all UTSA fans) to gain their perspectives on his fun, fact-filled interview.

Of course, it wouldn’t be The Local Marketing Podcast without cocktails! This week, Jason’s drink of choice is Tito’s, while Shannon and Amanda sip from beers. Shannon enjoys a Melted Salted Caramel & Waffle Cone Ice Cream Ale from the Marin House Brewing Company, while Amanda refreshes with an Island Citrus Ale from the Islamorada Beer Company.

The third episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now. Enjoy!