The Local Marketing Podcast

Mike Blinder Chats with The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #4

January 10, 2022 ThriveFuel Season 1 Episode 4
The Local Marketing Podcast
Mike Blinder Chats with The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #4
Show Notes

New year! New month! New episode of The Local Marketing Podcast!

We hope your 2022 is off to a great start. To help make it even better, we’ve got an exciting episode of The Local Marketing Podcast to share with you. This time around, Jason chats with Mike Blinder, a special guest once known for being the “ad guy” in newspaper and media. For those unfamiliar with Mike and his impressive background, he currently owns E&P (Editor and Publisher Magazine), which has been the authoritative voice of news publishing since 1884.

Though Jason and Mike have known each other for decades, a few surprises pop up during the interview. For starters, Mike was originally on the path to becoming a doctor. Even before that, while still in high school, he visited his best friend’s DJ dad in the studio and immediately fell in love with radio. As they say, “the rest is history.” Well, sort of—okay, not really.

From pre-med to marine biology student to station manager of numerous radio stations to sales director to author to consultant . . . We weren’t kidding when we said Mike’s background is impressive. And while he’s worn many hats and explored a variety of endeavors throughout his career, the mantra his mentor once shared with him has always stayed at the forefront of his journey: It’s vital to have “a thirst for knowledge of business.”

Mike so generously shares his thirst for knowledge of business with Jason in a very straightforward, open way that we guarantee you don’t want to miss.

Later, Jason is joined by the rest of the team—Shannon, Adam, and Amanda—to discuss their perspectives of the interview and all the golden takeaways. One, in particular, unanimously agreed upon is that Mike has a true passion for what he does and thoroughly believes that journalism must survive.

Interested in learning more? You know what you’ll have to do: Listen to the full episode of the podcast! We also recommend checking out E&P’s YouTube channel for even more of Mike’s insight.

Finally, no one went thirsty on this episode. Jason enjoys a Torpedo IPA from Sierra Nevada, while Amanda sips from a Violet the Blueberry Blonde from Hi Sign Brewing. Adam chooses a relaxing cup of Earl Grey Tea from Taylors of Harrogate, and Shannon refreshes with an “Organ Pumper” cold-pressed juice from Para Vida Wellness.

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