The Local Marketing Podcast

Welcome Corey Elliott to The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #5

January 18, 2022 Season 1 Episode 5
The Local Marketing Podcast
Welcome Corey Elliott to The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #5
Show Notes
The Local Marketing Podcast is back this week with another exciting guest! This time, Jason is joined by Corey Elliott, Executive Vice President of Local Market Intelligence at Borrell Associates (try fitting that title onto a business card!), or, as Jason jokingly states, the “Chief Data Dude.”

Corey brings a friendly, fun, and genuine vibe to the podcast, sharing with Jason how he got his start in the marketing industry, how he came to work with Gordon Borrell, and just what exactly that title of his means. Hint: He spends a significant amount of time recording, tracking, analyzing, and forecasting local marketing spend data, which includes advertising promotions and digital services, with a concentration on local business. Yeah, that won’t fit on a business card, either!

Corey reveals how he originally wanted to be involved in movies, having lived in Los Angeles with his wife in his 20s, before moving to Phoenix. From there, someone took a chance on him at The Arizona Republic, back when advertisers needed someone to support them, and then it was on to The Dallas Morning News, followed by Gannett, and finally, wearing down Gordon Borrell with excessive phone calls and questions that eventually led him to where he is today. Of course, hard work, tenacity, and common sense played their parts, too.

Additionally, Corey hosts his own podcast, Corey’s Local Marketing Minute, which is definitely worth a listen!

During their chat, Jason and Corey discuss the importance of knowing your specific audience (and targeting them), how two out of three dollars in local marketing is being spent digitally, creating content, getting data that doesn’t necessarily fit your narrative, and what those in the industry can expect as 2022 progresses.

Later, the gang's all here—Shannon, Adam, and Amanda—detailing their thoughts on the interview, as well as feelings on unrelated topics, like drunk Olympics and thirst queens. You have to hear it to believe it!

As always, everyone has their preferred beverage in hand: Jason sips on Lucky Star Gin by Coastal Bend Distilling Co., while Shannon enjoys Colonel Fannin’s Whiskey, also by Coastal Bend Distilling Co., a “summer whiskey,” according to her. Both Adam and Amanda choose not-so-adult beverages this time: Adam drinks Lemon and Ginger Tea from Taylors of Harrogate, while Amanda prepares for her Pilates class with a Sparkling Tropical Twist BCAA+ energy drink by Celsius.

Are you ready? The fifth episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now!