The Local Marketing Podcast

Jed Williams Brings New Conversation to The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #6

January 24, 2022 ThriveFuel Season 1 Episode 6
The Local Marketing Podcast
Jed Williams Brings New Conversation to The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #6
Show Notes

Welcome back! This week on The Local Marketing Podcast, Jason is joined by a very interesting guest, someone out of the normal purview listeners have come to expect over the past several weeks: Jed Williams. Jed is the co-founder and chief revenue officer of Check Out DFW, a new company in Dallas, Texas. What makes this conversation different than previous ones largely has to do with this innovating venture Jed and his business partner, David Arkin (co-founder and chief content officer), have created.

In Jed’s words, Check Out DFW is a B to C site that serves everyday consumers, including the business community and real estate community. Specifically, the site creates original content to help those moving to or within the North Dallas suburbs by providing expert advice, local recommendations, and reliable content to easily navigate the real estate market. Not sure where to look for a home, school, or fun activity group? This dynamic, life-changing digital platform is for you.

Both Jed and David had ideas to start a business for a while, but it was this particular one, filled with passion and promise, that led to Check Out DFW. The site has been live for two months now. So far, the reception has been great and audience growth continues to rise, which Jed details during the conversation.

Perhaps one of the biggest or most motivating highlights comes from Jed at the beginning of the chat, a kind of mantra that anyone in any industry can appreciate: stop asking why?; start asking why not?

Later, Jason regroups with Amanda, Shannon, and Adam to touch on additional highlights, such as the importance of content quality—not quantity, a business’s ability to problem solve and pivot, the art of niching down, and the idea of building a habit-forming product.

Of course, the team enjoys a round of cocktails while conversing: Jason drinks a Boston Lager by Samuel Adams, while Amanda sips from a Dreamsicle Orange/Vanilla Ale by Paladin Brewing. Shannon chooses a Cucumber Refresher Energy Tea (which she may or may not have added vodka to) from The Health Bar by Complete 360, and Adam refreshes with a Double Down IPA by Saint Arnold.

Other fun topics touched upon this week include Ohio, a bit of Samuel Adams trivia, and Adam’s previous experience in a metal band.

Are you intrigued enough to listen to the full exchange? Good news! The sixth episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now. Enjoy!